{Copy-Cat} Olive Garden Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Alfredo sauce is definitely on my list of pure yumminess.  Whenever I go to an Italian restaurant I always try something with that nectar of the heavens. I do not know what it is, but Olive Garden’s alfredo cannot be … Continue reading

Hello You!

Hello lovelies! This blog has been long overdue. Ever since 2008 after I married my hunk o’husband, I discovered the magical world of food and recipe blogs. I already loved to cook and bake, and seeing wonderful stories and recipes come alive on my computer screen was pure magic. From there a little thought whispered, “Hey I could do that!” in my mind. I even looked up potential blog names I could use. Each time what I liked was taken, and I wondered if anyone would actually want to read what I wrote. That hunk o’husband of mine kept saying things like, “mmm you should make a blog about this.” Like ALL the time, after I made a dish. I really love making meals and baking for people. Nothing beats a happy satisfied person after a good meal, or a husband who actually licks his plate clean! I truly love feeding people and making meals a celebration, not a chore at the end of a long day. I have so many great memories of cooking with my Mother, and eating meals with my family.  Thank you for joining me! We will explore original recipes, recipes floating around the web, and those gems in books and magazines. There is so much good food out there! So let’s get cooking shall we? The recipes on my blog will always be in good taste! ❤