Standard Process Cleanse?

Hello all! Whoa, for starters sorry for the blast of posts last week. I was using another blog site but due to some technical issues have switched back to this lovely blog. From now on this is the only blog I will be posting on. With that being said, I re-posted all the blogs I had not shared on this one. Hence all of the Christmas treats in February!

Fast forward to this month! Chris and I have been doing a 21 day cleanse called Standard Process. Today is our last day, and along the journey I have recorded some things I found to be irresistible, now all I have to do is share with you! We have done this cleanse once before, and the second time around was much easier. This cleanse is used as a way to purify one’s body from everyday toxins and chemicals we experience in our lives and diets. In the 21 days you follow a supplement and shake regimen while eating regular clean meals. I love this because you aren’t just sipping liquids all day involving weird concoctions or starving yourself. Which is never a good idea!

During this cleanse you refrain from: alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, *nuts or seeds (we made the choice to eat these in moderation), dairy, grains (except wild or brown rice), and processed or refined foods.  You can eat lots of veggies and fruits except for regular potatoes and corn. You also may eat lentils or brown rice, lean proteins and fish, eggs, and high quality oils such as coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, fish oil, flax oil, and grape seed oil. You may also use good quality organic butter ( a little will do ya!).  This diet pretty much follows a Paleo diet except it refrains from using nuts. As stated above we made the decision to keep nuts in our diet. When you are done with the 21 days you slowly add back in certain foods like grain or dairy and watch your reactions. Last time, we both were fine when we added nuts back in, so we kept them this time around. Chris did find out he had an adverse reaction to dairy products. I was fine after adding back the things we refrained from eating. Although I do/did feel better and lighter if I eat less flour and grain products.

During this whole process it is crazy to notice what we mindlessly put into our bodies. A simple food item we think has a couple of ingredients turns out to have tons of weird chemicals and colors added to it. Just look on the back at the ingredient list on foods in your fridge or cupboard! One really is aware during and after this cleanse of all the crap that is indeed in our food. Since I love to cook and bake this really struck a chord with me, and I looked at this cleanse like a challenge of sorts: can I make delicious meals and snacks that use fewer and real ingredients? The answer is yes! It takes just a bit more time and planning, but I believe it is worth it. Obviously we lost a little weight doing this but the way it makes your mind and body feel is the real reward. *Steps down from soapbox.

Since today is our last day we have discussed what we are going to do after, food wise. For now, we have agreed to follow a Paleo type diet Monday through Friday afternoon, and from Friday night to Sunday eating the things we refrained from during the week like grains and dairy if we wish. Not going buck wild mind you! Chris noticed before the cleanse he ate a lot of bread- toast with cereal, or toast with his eggs, a sandwich for lunch. A lot of bread! I craved a bite of cheese….I love cheese! With this plan in place we can still eat the things we love, but it will be in moderation. Also it will be better quality. Instead of eating toast everyday we could have a high quality roll or croissant once a week. Quality over quantity people.  I feel like this plan will work well! I will post more Paleo friendly foods on the blog and my regular fare as well.

If you have any questions about this cleanse or are interested in participating you can comment here or check out my husband’s website or blog. He goes into more details about the cleanse and shared weekly updates! Have you ever done a cleanse before? What do you think of the whole Paleo diet? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Standard Process Cleanse?

  1. Ok so I am starting this 21 day cleanse on Friday after being sick for a year and a half and needing to repair and heal my body. I am very excited but anxious and freaked out. Any advice? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hello there! Sorry this is crazy late. First off, great job for making the decision to try the cleanse.Some tips I have are drink tons of water! And something I found I looked forward to was nice baths a few times a week. I used some bath salts from whole foods and lavender essential oil, and sometimes bath bombs from Lush. Something about it was very relaxing and a treat after a long day. It also helps draw out further toxins in the body. The last thing is sleep! Make sure to get enough! Good luck, and if you already completed it, how did it go? 🙂

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